Friday, 16 April 2010

My oh my.

What a cluster-fuck.

Last 3 weeks have seen a ridiculous online flurry of activity, culminating in us releasing the Fed to the Ocean video, which can now be seen in shiny HD on, well pretty much all of our online bits which have mushroomed/bloomed/whatever.

We're obviously going on tour tomorrow and we always promise tour blogs and then get fed up with doing them halfway through ( we being me ), and whilst I'm sure this time will prove no exception I have asked the rest of the band to remind me daily to put something up, most likely on here or the myspace, Jag tends to be the Facebook man these days and bloody good at it he is too.

The nice people at Vans in particular have asked for regular updates so I should do my bloody job really, fuck it's not like I'm writing a novel or anything whilst trundling around in the van, usually its just listening to man-rock and looking out the window and the tundra/desert/concrete jungle ( most likely in Europe )

Case in point, promised a big SXSW blog and nothing happened, guess why? Oh cos we were having to much fun thats fucking why, jesus you people leave us alone etc etc. I think maybe next time around I'll resort to the Godspeed approach and leave all press/ blogs yadayada to a simple one page release, such as this :

Funnily enough I was chatting about them the other day to a fellow friend and fan and relating how missed they were...if you're not familiar with their really quite extraordinary body of deeply disquieting work, then please feel free to congratulate me on introducing you to one of the best bands ever to have quietly stalked the planet. No please, I insist, keep the expensive gifts, you DESERVE them.

I digress, we're on tour as of tomorrow and packing and ipod filling is needed. Til now I'll say look at out nice new myspace layout and video and come and say hi at the merch stand.