Thursday, 28 January 2010

Front Magazine! Us in looking cool shock!

Holy fuck, this is actually genuinely cool, we're terrified of photoshoots as we always seem to end up looking, at best, gormless, or, worse, like cunts. Those of you reading this on iphones I apologise for the tiny tiny images, for the rest of us, enjoy! Or buy the mag and get free boobs and football shite, if that's your bag.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Ahem, and this is pretty sexy.

We appear to be playing! Ha!

London Show, Feb 14th

Yes I know, I know I'm sorry we're ruining valentines day this year by playing a punk show, but come on people, it's not all bad. thrilled about the Plight being on there, been listening to their record over the last week, shame on me for not having the chance sooner, but shame on you too if you haven't bought it because it's excellent.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Oh fucking hell. been like 6 fucking months since we blogged on I think we should officially start again because occurred to me that actually this only gets filled in when we're not touring. Which is kind of the opposite of what its meant for.

So if you're looking for tour and show updates, in fact any type of up to date news on the band then this is not the blog for you. But lets be honest, if you were looking for that coca cola , bright coloured, neon sign style discourse then you're probably not a fan of this band. So I figured a nice dour approach will fill the void much more than any kind of flash bang theatrics.

We writing again. This means home time which means rummaging through old albums, me doing lots of drawing, Jag sitting in his room playing guitar for hours and occasionally emailing me about a record he's heard, or me doing the same.

I like it, not that I don't love the touring but just because its Ghost without the performance bit, just the songs slowly coming together. We'll practice for the first time this year this week hopefully, the first time we'll have played since Helsinki last year, so it'll be good to dust off the old songs just bring in the new. I've got a few album titles running through my head, all dark and terrible ( terrible as in ominous, not shite, well maybe both ), and when I've rejected them all I'll put them up here for you to throw verbal apples at.

We'll see how it goes, both songs and new blog policy, you lasted a six months old girl, time to re-kindle that love affair.