Monday, 1 June 2009

Christ its been a while.

Well, its been 4 weeks and I guess that should mean that this blog is a riot of stories from the road, stories from the far-flung wells of the imagination, tales of the cities and the great lakes, of mice and men, from hudson to hillock, dark as the night is long, light as driven snow, blah blah blah...
In all honesty of late, I ( and we ) have been doing the odd show and waiting, fucking waiting for our record to come out and finally it has, today infact, June 1st of 2009.

And I'm aware that this now looks like a further promotional tool for said album but in all honesty I should be packing a bag for the show in London tonight and the show in Paris on Wednesday and I'm just sitting in-front of the computer expecting...well...I don't know what I'm expecting, Something of note anyway. Any one else every get that? feeling like somehow the world is looking at you in a different way? I felt in when I got married last October for about 3 days and then acutally, in all honesty,my wife and I are still the same people. I think its the same situation with this, and I reckon most bands who care about their work and their music feel it too when they unleash something else into the world, and get all wide-eyed and a bit boggly "THIS IS MY TIME MOTHERUCKER!!!!".

Maybe I should be ontop of some shopping centre with a rifle picking off civilians, isn't that how its meant to work? Is that the only way you can make an impact these days, or just go down the Green Day route and tell everyone that your record WILL not MIGHT change your life? Or indded with Green Day they believe they already have! Imagine the power.....send me your PINs and Credit Card details my children.


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  1. i hope all goes well guys.

    the show in brighton were bloody amazing my ears are still ringing !!