Saturday, 4 July 2009

Tour blog July 09!

Yeah! So we'll update this daily if I can and internet connection and heat rash allowing, heres to a stonking tour!

Ok, so we've played Liverpool, one show down, thanks to everyone that turned up last night its been ages since we played there and we were really surprised at how many of you turned out..alas The Computers couldn't make last night but they've assured us that they'll be getting bail so they can join us for the rest of the shows. If any one has pictures from any of these shows let us know and we'll put them up here, lets make this a caring sharing tour!

And we begin with one I knicked from the young lass who's commented below, here's me looking sweaty and knackered after playing, man alive it was hot.


Ok, so continue, we're in Carlisle and the venue is beautiful and we actually have natural light in the dressing room which hasn't stopped us all just sitting in ebay looking at vintage guitars and Mem is currently choosing another snare...that'll be 4 for the tour then...ALSO very exciting out banners turned up which means we're officially a massively famous stadium rock band easy was that? See Andy below with Amp flag stage left...


What a smug bugger...we've got a drum one and the biggest back banner but we'll build up to that. And if anyone says anything about Andy's straight edge credentials just cos there's a bloody great Jagermeister logo on his amp then note how he's cunningly hidden it beneath his cab! Huzzah!

Not going to bore you by going awesome show! every night, but it was and what a fucking cool venue. Stood in the glasgow Apple store writing this as its throwing it down at the moment and we've only got plastic bags for coats, so if you see a bunch of idiots with Borders bags on their heads in Glasgow town centre then its probably us. What we didn't let you know about was that when on tour myself and young Andrew enjoy playing the " who can fall asleep in the most ridiculous position " game, and in the Travellodge in Carlisle the game came to its logical conclusion.

...So, thankyou to Hey, Vampires! for playing with us, we all ended up after the show in Nice'n'sleazys enjoying a glass or two of Buckfast, which if you don't know what is then don't look it up, don't try and find it and for gods sake don't give it to anyone thats pregnant or enjoys daylight and being happy, its the devils work I tell thee.

Nice being out and about in town though, I've said it before and I'll say it again Glasgow is a cool little town full of warrior Scotts. Good dust.

Had a lovely drive up to York listening to the new Costello album, which is fucking mint.


  1. Hope the rest of the tour goes well! (:

  2. So much for updating daily... :) stumbled across this when looking for a line in one of your songs.
    This is undoubtedly, most probably - let's face it, it just will - sound incredibly corny, but I really love your band. Some days it's all I'll listen to. Which is kind of saying something, since there's only been two albums (stoked if there's more on the way). Debated whether or not to tell one of you this in person (either at one of the three gigs I've seen you at, or in HMV...where a certain gingery blonde man now seems to work), but I chickened out, obviously, haha. And I don't, in all honesty, go in HMV much so you don't have to worry about some crazy stalkery person watching you work. Although now I've said that you probably will. Fuck.
    But yeaaah. Sorry for the high levels of corniness. And I've probably used bad spelling and/or grammar. And sorry for posting this on something which you'll probably never read or update again. Look forward to seeing you all perform (if indeed you do) in 2010.
    Have a great christmas & new year :]

  3. daily updates will no longer be promised! they just dont work!