Monday, 23 March 2009

The lovely folks at Criminal Damage.

Well, far be it for me to take the moral highroad and whinge about corporate sponsorship and punk rock how the two cannot go hand in hand... it's the stuff of forums called stuff like, and frankly I have better things to do than worry about if I'm going to hardcore heaven ( it's run by Earth Crisis as it happens ).

Anywhoo, so last Tuesday we were all in London with the aim to meet with our accountant ( that's another story which I'll elaborate on at some point ) and then we had a rare treat in the way of a rendevous with the nice folks at Criminal Damage clothing.  At this point I'd like to address the small issue that this is not about to turn into that Simpsons episode where Krusty becomes a stand up comedian and then as quick as a flash sells himself out the Canyonaro Jeep company and bestows their virtues as part of his act (  Season 9, The Last Temptation of Krusty if you haven't seen's glorious ). They make nice clothes which they let us have and gave us cans of redbull and we took a couple of photos for them and thats about it, job done.

Except...well us being us we couldn't help but notice the range of , ahem, alternative clobber that they also make a very fine living out of and being us we ( sigh, ok, MEM & I ) decided to try the stuff on.

Children, look away, its about to get a bit blue.

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