Monday, 2 March 2009

So, humble beginings.

Ok, so there is something strangely scary about a long empty white page, its exciting but daunting, expecially for someone with little typing skills. N.B. I'll apologise in advance for all the unitentional, albeit hilarious, spelling and grammatical errors that will no doubt dot this blog as it advances, I ask for your patience and your corrections ( if you feel they'll make a difference, undoubtably sometimes it will .

This blog has come about mainly as a new way for this band to express itself, obviously you can still find us on the myspace; there is now a Facebook and a Twitter, and I aware that someone is maintaing our site for us, although as it stands its NOT one of the band or our team. At this point I'm pretty happy with this, user ( dare I say 'fan'? ) generated material on us is 9 times out of 10 much more useful and illuminating that the stuff we write, generally because I hate self eulogising about our music/art/output, so I'd rather read it coming from someone else rather than one of us. 

One of the odd things about being written about in this way is realising how little your own opinion matters on such things, it seems the general perception is always the excepted one, so I'll happily conceed to it. It never ceases to amaze me how often I get things wrong , a good example being any number of scannings of album of the year lists, bands to watch etc etc... I worry that its an age thing perhaps, myself being 26, the ages of the band ranging from 22 to 29 at present. Maybe we're the old farts before our time, maybe thats a medical condition to look into.

I'm rambling already, but I believe thats the point. What I'll do with this is keep you updated on what exactly we're doing, alongside the cheeky little Twitter site we have set up, my thoughts on that site are as yet undecided...what exactly is it for? And for that matter, what the hell is Bebo? Its seems to exist in that odd grey area between Facebook and Myspace and I wasn't aware that such a thing was needed..again the age thing, I still attempt to keep the real world and the online as two seperate things, maybe some of you think I sound like one of your parents ( or worse Grand parents..eep).

Anyway, as the title suggests, to humble beginnings then.

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