Monday, 2 March 2009

You and him were...buddies weren't you?

I guess one of the unseen things that we do is sitting around for hours and hours waiting to play shows, Sam Christmas ( no I'm no making that up although he only comes once a year, boom boom ) came to our show we played at the Scale in Febuary this year and took some pictures, noth onstage and off, which I rather liked. 

Recently I noticed that in actual fact the only pictures I have of everyone are either press shots, or live ones and that seems a little imbalanced . As anyone in a band knows, the majority of your time is just being with each other in small spaces, be it van, backstage room, sound check etc etc... We are, rather helpfully, a fully functioning family unit these days, and I say these days because we used to bounce off the walls in each others company. Maybe a disfunctional family, but at least we're all still speaking to each other.

 You can see the 'live' shots that Sam took on our myspace of course, but I think these document us in a way that maybe isn't that often, so for that reason alone ( well, they also make me smile in a sentimental way ) here they are. 

I'm looking forward to reviewing our digital legacy when we eventually and inevitably stop being in Ghost, but I worry that alot of it will end up in the big digital urn that is the recycle bin on some eternal desktop somewhere.

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